Are you guaranteed to be available when contacted?

unfortunately not, I may or may not be available. please schedule in advance, at least an hr.

Can I call you?

yes, after an agreement has been reached & a scheduled time has been set, you will be provided with my direct line.


Can I get a receipt?

no although you can screenshot your cart then keep that as reference. (PrtScn or CRTL+PrtScn)


Can I still send messages through chat even if you're offline?

I receive offline messages as if online although I'm not usually available to chat when offline.

Can we meet now?

Depends on my schedule although I recommend scheduling in advance for pick up.


Do you accept best offers?

no, prices are at their current lowest although you can reduce cost by adding a trade with partial cash &/or view my "Discounts" tab.


Do you accept returns?

no, everything is sold "As Is". It's your sole responsibility as a buyer to inspect as well as ask questions before any exchange is complete.


Do you accept trades or trades with partial cash?

yes, click on the "Trade Interest" tab to view my seeked items.


Do you have a power source to test electronics?



Do you offer shipping?

not until 2021.


Do you share out my information such as phone, email or any other personal data given?

no unless you exchange stolen property(reported theft)


I'm only available on specific times that meets outside your availability, can you accommodate?

unfortunately no, time tables were set for a reason whereas to avoid hinderance in my schedule.


I'm spending a lot, can I get a discount?

yes, please view my "Discounts" tab to reduce cost.


Is delivery available?

only if you sign up for a free brokerage account through my "WeBull Referral", I will deliver anywhere within 33064.

5 miles more if you sign up through my "Robinhood Referral".

Is there a restriction in how little I can buy?

yes, any transaction must reach a minimum of $50 in value to be considered.


What if I don't show up without calling-in then I decide to buy a few days later?

nothing, I specifically set time frames to avoid the possibility of being ghosted. 2nd time, understandably you will be deemed "bad business".


What location is best to pick up?

Sample & Powerline Rd as most items for sale are located in this area, please schedule first.


Where do my offline messages go?

your offline message goes to my email & notifies me through an app in which I can choose to respond through chat or reply later by email.




Powerline & Sample Rd

Fl. Broward, 33064


Pickup Times:

Mon - Fri [10am-7pm

Sat & Sun [10am-5pm


Chat Available:

Mon - Sun 24/7

Most available times - 11am-11pm


Phone# will be provided after scheduling

00:00 / 02:10

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