Best Offers?
[] N/A

Chat availability?
[] 10am - 10pm(Can vary)

[] N/A

Direct line?
[] 754-600-1515 or chat, online messages are directed to my cell

I'm early?
[] I may not arrive until the designated time

I'm here but my phone died, I can't message nor find you?
[] After confirming deal & ETA, I will let you know distinctive features to recognize me

I'm late?
[] Pickups are auto cancelled past designated time unless notified for an extension

In chat, can I attach/upload my cart?

[] Yes, by screenshot

In-person availability?

[] 8am -8pm(Can vary)

Next day reservations?

[] First Come, First Serve Basis


Pickup address?
[] Disclosed after confirming deal & ETA

Pickup area?

[] Sample & Powerline Rd, 33064

Pickup whenever?
[] By appointment only

Power source?
[] My vehicle's converter w/15Ft Extension Cord

[] N/A physical address?
[] uses a 3rd party address

[] N/A

Weekly availability?
[] Varies day by day

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